Why I Love Chic Fil A

Why I Love Chic Fil A

1. I fed 5 children and myself for less than $5; it was Cow Appreciation Day and we did get a couple milkshakes.

2. We spilt one milk, one sweet tea, and a pack of French fries and the nice person said it was their pleasure to clean up.

3. Blair forgot her shoes and no one said a word.

4. I forgot my pants and no one said a word (button down over bathing suit and flip flops though). Clothing optional makes me a forever patron.

5. Amos finger painted my sole piece of clothing with several ketchup packs before I realized it.

6. Russell ate free when he explained why he could not dress like a cow.

7. Someone that reads my blog said hello and I know we provided some real time entertainment.

8. In a moment of shameless frugality, I had hastily unwrapped black plastic spoons to place behind each ear in hopes of passing as part of a bizarre cow costume. Instead, I promptly forgot about them until we arrived home. Sigh. No pants and spoons.

9. My ten year old had to rescue Amos from the mosh pit taking place in the tunnel and no one gave me a dirty look.

10. I don’t have to pull forward and can stay as long as I like.

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