Why I Detest Co-Sleeping

Why I Detest Co-Sleeping

Now, I realize this is quite a touchy subject, but at least let me defend myself. I’d like to think that I have good reasons why I don’t choose to have an open bed policy and since I don’t judge co-sleepers, I only ask for the same judgement free zone for folks like me. I belong to a group of those who absolutely detest sleeping more than two persons to a bed. I mean, even polygamists have their own sleeping space.

I actually only have one real reason. I depend on my bed and the nighttime for actually getting sleep so that I can function as a semi-okay mother. Seriously, have you seen the research on those that are sleep deprived? They are overweight and drive worse than people that are drunk. Considering my current weight and the safety of my community, people should want me in a king size bed with only my spouse.

I think the concept of co-sleeping is lovely and I adore my children. They spend a tremendous amount of time in my bed, dumping sand from their shoes, reading, discarding stinky socks and that is enough. When my husband is gone, I always invite one to sleep with me. The operative word is sleep.

There you go. That’s it. Be kind to those that don’t breast feed or co-sleep or baby wear. We are all in this together and most of us are usually trying to do our best or a rendition of good enough parenting.

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