Who Do You Think You Are, Ann Coulter?

Who Do You Think You Are, Ann Coulter?

She’s 54 and was born in New York. She grew up with her parents and two brothers. She graduated from Cornell and has a law degree from the University of Michigan. She considers herself a journalist and was on the cover of Time magazine in 2005.

In 2004, the Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute gave Ann its annual conservative leadership award “for her unfailing dedication to truth, freedom and conservative values and for being an exemplar, in word and deed, of what a true leader is.” Sounds admirable, doesn’t it?

Ann has written many books, seven which have made the New York Times bestseller list and her latest book is “In Trump We Trust.” She has been engaged a few times, never married and has no children. Of course she doesn’t. I don’t say that in a judgement sort of way or maybe I do as I am left thinking, what if she was mother to my Amos? Would she consider him a “retard” and shrug off his place in the world? He’s not yet three and a light in our family.

The following passage was written to explain away Donald Trump’s mocking a disable reporter. Regardless of that action which speaks for itself, let’s consider the words of Ann.

“Trump denied knowing that Serge was disabled, and demanded an apology, saying that anyone could see his imitation was of a flustered, frightened reporter, not a disabled person. It’s true that Trump was not mimicking any mannerisms that Serge has. He doesn’t jerk around or flail his arms. He’s not retarded. He sits calmly, but if you look at his wrists, you’ll see they are curved in. That’s not the imitation Trump was doing—he was doing a standard retard, waving his arms and sounding stupid: “’Ahhh, I don’t know what I said—ahhh, I don’t remember!’ He’s going, ‘Ahhh, I don’t remember, maybe that’s what I said!’”

I’m fairly conservative. I don’t trust Hillary Clinton or have any wonderful thoughts regarding Donald Trump. I do have my own opinions regarding attributes of a true leader and if Ann Coulter is an admirable one, then we are in trouble. I can ignore a lot, particularly out of the mouths of those who take on a cause or political party as a persona but Ann Coulter should not even be given the time of day. Her antics mimic only leaders who I associate with ignorance and hate.

Ann, I have a son and I hope to make his world a place of acceptance and love and it has been. And then, I run into you and your deliberate words, using the R word even though you have been chastised again and again. To be a woman and do this is even more unfathomable. What does your mother think of you and your outspokenness? Does she sit by quietly or beg you to be kind?

Kindness is easy, at least it should be. I’m sorry to say that your words remind me all the more of why the world really has troubles. Your words devastate the tender hearted mother side of me and yet, they have no value. I will ignore them and speak up and hope that some day you will choose kindness and find joy.

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