What Drives a Parent to Cheat?

What Drives a Parent to Cheat?

Thirty-three parents have been arrested in the largest college admissions scandal on record. The ultra wealthy including CEOs, celebrities, business leaders were charged with college coaches and William Singer, founder of “The Key.”

According to the Key’s website, there are four principles: Coaching for the game of life, finding the right fit college, creating a personal brand, and beating the odds. Quite accurate, but in a way no one could have guessed.

The investigation included 200 agents, spanned 6 states and thus far, 50 people have been arrested. Families paid Singer between $200,000 and 6.5 million per child to secure slots at esteemed programs. They also assisted in falsifying test scores, GPA’s and athletic profiles. A Wake Forest volleyball coach and multiple coaches at the University of Southern California have been placed on leave for their part in the elaborate ruse.

Andres Lelling, the United States Attorney for the District of Massachusetts, shared that families had used their wealth (unbeknownst to their children) to create a separate and unfair admissions process for their children, though he noted, “there will not be a separate criminal justice system” for them.

In all, Singer was paid $25 million over the last eight years to bribe coaches and university administrators so students with fake athletic credentials would be recruited, a move to ensure admission at Yale, Wake Forest, Stanford, UCLA and the University of Southern California.

Devin Sloane, one of the 33 parents indicted, is the CEO and founder of Aquatecture, a Los Angeles water and waste water systems provider. With the assistance of Donna Heineken, USC’s athletic director, he set up a fake athletic profile as a water polo player for his son and paid $250,000 in bribes.

A letter from Devon Sloane is showcased on the Key’s website.

It says:

Hey Rick!

It was a wonderful day yesterday and of course we thought of you. M***** is so excited to be studying Environmental Science at USC. It is a dream come true and you helped make that dream become a reality.


Devin Sloane


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