Walking the Plank to Christmas Break

Walking the Plank to Christmas Break

Yep. Today is the last day before freedom to accomplish anything evaporates. I am waving a white flag, to the powers that be, for suggestions next year.

1. Am I the only mother out there feeling totally insane and overwhelmed?
Just say yes. If only to offer my crazed self camaraderie.

2. Christmas cards should be outlawed.
The expense and the time required from start to finish rival one another for extreme insanity in the month of December.

3. Neighborhood gift giving was created by the devil himself.
I would like to begin a tradition where you hang a black flag and it means, no gifts being given here.

4. Pass a law that says no parents are allowed to be on school premises the week before break.
This would greatly enhance the quality of life for many families.

5. No Christmas programs are allowed requiring me to be at school within two hours of drop off.
I love a good Christmas program, but before I have even had coffee?

6. Children must be at school all day on the last day.
I got the hint when the paper came home asking for me to sign on the dotted line to bring my daughter home after singing, likely before 10:30am. Please no, I’m begging.

7. Nothing like family gatherings to add to tired children and their deteriorating mothers.
What about Christmas demands that you see every living member of your shared gene pool? Why not January?

8. School Parties.
Perhaps those folks in metropolitan areas don’t have Christmas parties, but Eastern NC relishes all things Christmas. Secretly I am thankful that we don’t subscribe to the political correctness of the world, but game on. I bought 100 cupcakes. 100.

9. No time for anymore. I have to get ready for the sing-a-long.

Merry Christmas!

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