To the Special Needs Mama

To the Special Needs Mama

I know you cry when you think no one’s looking. I cry, too.

I know you fear what will be as your little person grows up. I fear, too.

I know you doubt your ability to be a good mother on those very hard days. I doubt, too.

I know you worry about every milestone that seems to allude your precious child. I worry, too.

I know you adore your little person in a way that only we understand. I adore, too.

I know you wonder how you can struggle and love so mightily all at the same time. I wonder, too.

I know you ponder what your life would be like without the precious gift of that face. I ponder, too.

I know you wrestle with how far to push a little person who gets so tired of the therapy. I wrestle, too.

I know you struggle between hope and acceptance, the ongoing game of tug of war in your feeble mind. I struggle, too.

I know you cheer when a tiny accomplishment is made. I cheer, too.

I know you kiss that head of soft hair and wonder how someone is so impossibly wonderful. I kiss, too.

I know you long for more yet feel guilty with the very idea. I long, too.

I know you love a child whose place in your life was surely written in the stars. I love, too.

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