Timeline of Evil

Timeline of Evil

Timeline of Evil at Berkeley Heights Elementary
Martinsburg, West Virginia

October 4: A child’s mother put a hidden recorder in her hair when her non-verbal daughter began acting not like herself. Recording shared three teachers torturing children with special needs- teachers Christina Lester, June Yurish, and Kristin Douty.

I listened to the recording provided by Owen’s mother.

Miss Lester comments: Owen, are you gonna jerk off in the chair? Adriana, gonna vomit on me today, unibrow? I’m gonna beat your butt.

Elasia, I don’t know if I trust you- you’re a cannibal- you gonna murder me?

Miss Yurish comments: Owen, lift your head up, its disrespectful. Pulls his ear and says, You can rip you own ear off. If you put your head forward you’ll rip your ear off pick head up. I am not playing with you. As soon as she stops crying, I am going to put her hands right back inside these scissors. I ought to backhand you right in your teeth. Shut up (hits Owen). You’re not getting anything to eat.

I’ll punch you in your face.

Other comments: I’m going to pull your hair until you start crying. Don’t throw it, you animal. You wench. You’re like a Pygmy. I’m gonna knock you out.

Your tears dried up so quickly…crocodile.

October 4: Last day child will attend that school.

October 5: Parents contacted police who met with IEP coordinator and principal. Principal called mother after meeting and said teachers talking to each other. Mother also spoke to education coordinator and explained why child would no longer be a student.

October 8-11: Recording sent to Special Education Coordinator Karen Petrucci, Asst. Superintendent David Banks, and Superintendent Manny Arvon who said he, “was greatly disturbed.”

October 6- October 30: Aides and teacher remained in classroom with remaining children and no parents were told.

October 29: Mother shares recording on social .

October 31: Aides placed on paid leave.

November 14: Teacher Lester placed on paid leave.

December 4: Kristina Lester resigns.

February 3: Aides placed on unpaid leave.

February 11: Aides resign.

February 14: Board Meeting to discuss abuse will be held at 6pm.

On Valentine’s Day.

For weeks, school officials knew abusive teachers were in the classroom and did nothing to help children unable to help themselves.

Link to admin emails: https://www.facebook.com/1662432207332175/posts/2241547982753925?sfns=mo

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