The Wilted Violet

The Wilted Violet


I have not heard this term in many years but it has given me resolve to stay strong. No one will call me a wilted violet. On the outside, I don’t appear to be one but on the inside, I am struggling to keep fighting. Every day brings a new battle or I am forced to rekindle an old one. Though not everyone picks a fight with us, the family gifted with a boy named Amos.

We have truly experienced so much kindness amongst the strife. Most of our therapists have welcomed new ideas and new goals for our non verbal almost three year old son. Our local school system has also been more than accommodating for our family regarding Amos. Just this week we had a meeting at school regarding His entry to school and his future therapists took copious notes and their actions reassured me. His teacher welcomed our whole family in for a spur of the moment evening visit, texted me and even swooped up Amos for an hour in her classroom to meet his future classmates. Amos will be allowed to ride his siblings’ bus in the afternoons, not the bus designated for children with special needs. The school knows he will be excited to sit with his big brother and their willingness to soothe a mother’s apprehensive heart is so appreciated by me. Kindness.

This type of love, acceptance, kindness, and consideration is the water and fuel that keeps me going. It is a token of reassurance that the world is a place that loves our family and cares about Amos. It’s concrete proof that it’s not so hard to do the right thing. Not everyone is ethical though. No, there are those who don’t want the best for my Amos, those that fight against mothers who advocate for their lovely sons.

To them I say, I shall not become the wilted violet. I will not cry and concede defeat. I will call again and again and again and I will challenge the changing half truths I am offered. I will not back down. I will not cave under pressure. I will not break because I speak for the son who can not speak for himself. Blue Cross Blue Shield, you have not chosen a wilted violet this time.

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