The Struggle

The Struggle

With struggle, I have learned who really loves me and will stand by my side in the midst of the earthquakes.

Without struggle, my children would not learn how to persevere.

With struggle, my life takes on a deeper meaning and the old me has fallen away for the new me that feels and loves and thinks on a level that the old me never knew or tried to understand.

Without struggle, I would have never seen my husband get teary as he watched his young son run with funny gait and collapse in giggles.

With struggle, I learn that I really can’t control my world. The impossible becomes believable.

Without struggle, I may have missed documenting my children learning empathy and unconditional love.

With struggle, I have conceded defeat to my heart, my mind, my soul. I can risk giving my love.

Without struggle, I would have conceded defeat and blamed myself for a world that is perfect in its’ imperfection.

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