The Senior Walk

The Senior Walk


A tradition in our small town.

Late May, the seniors try on their caps and gowns for the first time and then, they take a walk through their old stomping grounds

White Oak Elementary.

DF Walker Elementary.

Chowan Middle.

My own four children are dispersed between those three schools and they came home, eager to share who they had seen and the high fives that had been dispersed.

One hundred and forty three shining faces, young men and women, who have been raised in a historic town on the Albemarle Sound, had a chance to remember from whence they came.

Not one missed an opportunity to fall into the embrace of a well-loved teacher, a janitor, a principal, even a cafeteria lady.

You see, these kids are going somewhere and today they had a chance to say thank you to the many who pushed them along a path of shining success.

And the little people who held signs and cheers?

They caught a glimpse of their own bright futures.

Well done, class of 2018.

Photo credit belongs to Jennifer Cobb, guidance counselor and biggest cheerleader. ❤️

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