Ten Things Women Want for Christmas or Hanukkah

Ten Things Women Want for Christmas or Hanukkah

1. A weekend alone in the house.

I know, it’s so cheap and yet, you could be the hero that saved the holidays.

2. A weekend alone somewhere good.

Now, good is a wide stretch. I count good as going to my parents house, the Hampton Inn, and (though I have no personal experience), The Ritz-Carlton or a quaint cottage by the sea for a week would leave me forever indebted. Hell, the motel 6 sounds awfully cushy this week.

3. Sleep.

An hour here and there, maybe a free pass to sleep til noon one Saturday a month. Ooh, and a night, like go hide in the bedroom at 6pm and avoid dinner and baths and cleaning up and yelling at people to clean up.

4. Morning respite.

This means that one morning per week, per month, or shit, even per year, we can pretend that we don’t have children and not be forced to hit the ground running, escape breakfast and lunch making, looking for shoes, forcing people into coats and the hauling to school.

5. A massage.

A real one, not a try to trick you into something massage, but one where you make an appointment and don’t have to be worried about getting pounced upon. Also, at least three hours to sleep afterwards.

6. Pajamas.

Super fancy Egyptian cotton ones that feel like butter and can be worn to the grocery store.

7. Grocery store vouchers.

As in, I don’t have to go this week. I’m even glad to send you a detailed list as I know Rome wasn’t built in a day.

8. Meals.

The thinking about them off my plate or, if you really want to go gangbusters, pay someone to bring dinner once a week or once a month.

9. Clean my car.

Yep, a serious cleaning to erase the mold from spilt milk and wet goldfish, not to mention sludge under car seat.

10. A hug.

Every morning and every evening, a hug and a kiss at hello and goodbye is quite the best gift.

Well, maybe tied with the cottage bit.

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