Ten Things I Can't Stop Buying

Ten Things I Can't Stop Buying

1. Tote Bags

What is about a new tote that makes me imtely have a skip in my step and envision a weekend away, taking only my bikini, a book, and my favorite pajamas? I don’t know because that is never going to happen, me away maybe, me in a bikini, no way.

2. Books

I am borderline obsessive. This is an enviable bad habit, if there is such a thing, except I can’t seem to read the books. I used to, but now I just like reading about what books I should read and then buying them and carrying them in my handy dandy new tote bag. The bag that is quickly filled with half drunk Capri suns, sticky yogurt raisins, and crappy shells.

3. Children’s Clothes

This could require an intervention. It is not good to be embarrassed if people look in your child’s closet and then wonder why she always wears sports clothes and looks like she got dressed from a laundry hamper.

4. Shoes

The most wonderful thing about shoes is that there is no weight factor to be considered. Flip flops, boots, flats, outdoorsy shoes, I love them all and then end up barefoot half the time.

5. Silent Auction Items

These are the items which are sold in arenas meant to tug on your heart strings and they get me every time. I also am quite fond of getting a bargain which is how I end up with dinners for 12 or a week at manners camp. Never got around to giving the dinner and quite obviously, manner’s camp hasn’t happened.

6. Sheets

I have two sets of sheets and it is difficult to argue any more are needed since I rarely change them, but I found a way. Last winter I bought flannel sheets as had a clear gap there. Put them on our bed and remembered I am the hottest person on the planet.

7. Striped Shirts

I must have some subconscious fantasy connected to a tote bag and a striped shirt, a bit Kennedy and Nantucket. Odd since I know little about either and always end up annoyed at the shirt that I knew I wouldn’t wear.

8. Vegetables

Just the ones that you are supposed to cook, like zucchini, squash, fresh green beans. Anything fresh for that matter is really my downfall. I leave the grocery store victorious and then two weeks later, gagging as I throw out a scary bag dripping from my refrigerator drawer.

9. Storage Bins

To count the number of these strewn around our house could be a common core exam question.

10. Exercise Clothes

Ahhhh, my ultimate demise. A purchase that perks me up no matter the time of year though I am particularly susceptible in October, my little darlings are back in school, and I have lofty exercise plans. I cloak myself in black Lululemon and then drink coffee, play cars, and watch the Today show, pondering a shower or a walk, choosing neither.

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