Ten Reasons I Must Start Exercising Again

Ten Reasons I Must Start Exercising Again


1. I am sick and tired of my daughter asking me if I’m having another baby. 

Particularly in front of people at church.

2. Warm weather is coming.
I can’t hide in my maternityesque shirts much longer.

3. Living in a lovely town on the water means that, before too long, we shall be living in a giant terrarium.
One may very well collapse if still wearing forgiving spandex jeans.

4. I am unhealthy.
Seriously, I quit smoking well over a year ago and the least I can do is love my own heart a bit.

5. I have plenty of time. Now, I don’t make time, but I can.
Right now, I’m writing about exercise at 5:53am and I could be out huffing and puffing.

6. This is my last chance to look good thinnish.
Seriously, I am 41 and you know after forty when people get skeletal they just look old. Thankfully, thin is not in my plan.

7. I really like to walk.
I do, I just have to do it to remind myself.

8. I’m thinking about it every day.
The thought plagues and haunts me and that is annoying in itself.

9. I refuse to become the person whose kids are in school that says, “it’s really not much that time.”
Ummm, no. It is a ton of time.

10. My mother looks better in a bathing suit than me.
Now, she always has, but I can’t let the gap widen too far.

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