Ten Reasons College Friends Are Your Best Friends

Ten Reasons College Friends Are Your Best Friends

1. 20,000 hours.

Time spent taking care of no one, thinking about no one and doing whatever the Hell you wanted minus a few classes.

2. Clothes were a community item.

In fact, you may as well have not purchased any items, as it was much more delightful to scavenge through another’s old crappy t-shirt collection, stolen stand up shorts and rainbows.

3. Privacy was not a thing.

Changing clothes, trying on a zillion bathing suits, and best of all, talking to unsuspecting boyfriends while the other made faces and stifled laughter as she read love notes displayed on wall.

4. Secrets were nonexistent.

The beauty in keeping nothing to yourself gets lost when we become proper grown ups, but it was so freeing and made life that much more fun.

5. Getting tan was an advanced study course.

Perfecting one’s tan, particularly in areas like the forearm, armpit and feet, took tremendous dedication. One should never miss a moment to properly filet one’s self.

6. Self care was an absolute priority.

By self care, I mean, sleeping until noon after smoking two packs of cigarettes, drinking penny draft, and devouring together, a large pizza from Gumby’s. As an aside, let me just say that at 2am one could beg for the pizzas that no one ever picked up. Free and a surprise.

7. Bizarre food fostered fellowship.

I remember the twenty hour car ride to Telluride (spring break) and we sucked down applesauce, dipped crackers in a large peanut butter jar and split a canned of squirt cheese.

8. Music shaped our lives.

Riding around listening to blasted voices, going to concerts, seeking new bands and dedicating hundreds of hours to making mix tapes meant we were quite in the know and explains why that music is still what plays for carpool.

9. Honesty ruled the roost.

Should I break up with so and so? Should I marry so and so? What should I do with my life?

10. There’s a person that will always know the real you.

Always. Twenty something years later, a phone call or beer on the beach watching children reminds you of the foundation in a friendship that has never wavered.

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