Ten Phone Secrets That Will Wow Your Parents

Ten Phone Secrets That Will Wow Your Parents

1. Your alarm will go off on your phone even if you have the volume turned off.

2. You no longer have to print out travel information, tickets, rental car confirmations, directions, all are free with your latest phone.

3. If you need to find an address or phone number, you can look it up on the internet instead of texting or calling someone. Hint hint.

4. No need to send elaborate directions via text. Nope, just hit the location on your phone and voila, I can find you!

5. Your phone email is linked to your desktop computer email.

6. Can’t find the apple remote? No need to panic, just use your phone.

7. Please don’t talk on speaker, it’s so hard to hear you and I lament being hung up on.

8. Don’t charge your phone constantly as it will lessen your battery life.

9. No need to wear your phone on a belt clip, instead choose a size that will fit in your pocket.

10. Your comments on Facebook are not private notes to me. No, they are there for all the world to see.

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