Ten Parenting Hacks for A Good School Year

Ten Parenting Hacks for A Good School Year


Considering teacher letters were delivered in our small town today, I’m sharing my best hacks to ensure a great year.

1. Do not complain about who your child has gotten for a teacher.

Be willing to give said person a fair shake, no calling the principal or other administrator and no Facebook rants. Absolutely no exceptions.

2. Email your child’s teacher and introduce yourself.

It is good manners to say hello and tell them you’re excited for the school year.

3. Ask your child’s teacher what is on his or her wishlist.

Go out imtely and buy said items and deliver them promptly.

4. If money is tight, volunteer your time.

This could be help in the classroom, planning class parties, making copies early morning, eating lunch with the class or doing some task at home in the evening that would save your teacher precious time.

5. Don’t be a drama queen.

Children are going to have their moments and squabbles and not everything is worthy of a phone call or cry of “bullying.”

6. Spend time at your child’s school.

We know you are busy, but that is neither here, nor there. You can find some time each and every month to do something that shows you are invested in your child, whether you take flowers to the office or you sort books in the library.

7. Wipe the slate clean.

Begin the year with a renewed sense of purpose and attitude, what’s done is done and this is a new year. Act like it.

8. Volunteer for the PTA.

Again, everyone is busy. There are many ways to be helpful, from donating chips to handing out muffins to teachers before school. Getting to know your child’s school is a privilege.

9. Give the school a grace period.

You know, wrong buses taking people to the wrong places and maybe not quite on time. Just chill, it takes a few weeks to get the kinks worked out and there is no reason to be hasty with your complaints.

10. Smile.

When someone asks you about school, smile rather than complain. Pitch in and be part of the solution, not the problem.

Have a great year!

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