Ten Myths about Children with Special Needs

Ten Myths about Children with Special Needs


1. They are always happy.
I have yet to meet someone who is always content.

2. They are no different than anyone else.
They are not so different, not in the ways I thought before I called myself a special needs parent.

3. They are different than everyone else.
They are really different, every tiny thing is different about them and with them and for them.

4. They are gifts.
Gifts. So tricky. All are children are gifts and special needs children bequeath so many gifts, but people are not presents.

5. They are bequeathed to specially equipped parents.
This is one of the best. Am I equipped? No more than an old Volkswagen, but I choose joy.

6. They love animals.
I have thrown this in there as it is something my ridiculous self must have gotten somewhere. Amos is quite indifferent to animals and I find it puzzling still.

7. They will catch up.
If anyone wishes this were true, it’s me.

8. They make marriage tough.
If anything, I think Amos is the glue that holds us together.

9. They make daily life wonderful.
Ummm, no. Daily life is rough. Survivable rough, but hard nonetheless. All decisions demand careful consideration.

10. They are on this earth to teach us a lesson.
No, my son has much more of a future than to be relegated as family teacher/mascot.

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