Ted and Amos

Ted and Amos


An unlikely pair, yet a match made in heaven.

I wonder if that heaven phrase was born to describe things or those relationships that could only be crafted by the very hand of God?

I think so.

A year ago, I longed for Amos to go to Sunday school and yet, I didn’t want to have to take him. A big part of him being in the world is learning to do it without his mama. I talked to the powers that be and we made a go of it. Him in his class and me helping to teach the older group, meant Amos escaped to our class about every 8 seconds.

It couldn’t have been a few weeks before Ted adopted Amos or vice versa. Ted belongs to Cecelia, Amos’s good friend, and Cecelia needed her daddy to stick around those first few weeks and somehow along the way, he inherited Amos.

Each week, Amos stayed in the class a bit longer and Ted would fetch him when he escaped. I remember the first week that his blond self didn’t interrupt our class and I praised him after Sunday school.

Ted laughed and shared that he had blocked the doorway, not an easy feat, but accomplished by sitting in a child size chair. Amos sized him up quite a while and eventually conceded defeat.

A month or so ago, I was gone and when it was time for Sunday school, no one could convince Amos to abandon the nursery’s toys and go upstairs for children’s chapel. Until Ted. “Come on, Amos!” I imagine he said and Amos followed.

Amos is not easily fetched. But then again, the good ones never are. He is stingy with his love and attention and quite particular whose hand he will hold or whose arms he will allow to embrace and tickle him. He’s so very human, yet he needs the kind of love that expects little in return. Unless of course, you are smitten with a boy named Amos.

Thank you, Ted.

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