Sweatpants Selfie

Sweatpants Selfie

I’m just the girl standing in the dressing room trying to talk myself out of the sweatpants.

Why though? Why can’t I wear sweatpants? Because my mind says NO, though my soul says, “Don’t listen.”

Elastic and stretchy means I’m wearing fat clothes. I shouldn’t because then I will be encouraged to eat too much. My mind says you shouldn’t, but my soul says, “Don’t listen.”

I’m not good enough. I’ll never be thin enough. I’ll never wear a 6 or even an 8 again. My mind says you are not enough, but my soul says, “Don’t Listen.”

You should exercise. You should get up in the morning and walk and do more than drink coffee and make lunches. My mind says you’re lazy, my soul says, “Don’t Listen.”

You should shower more often, wear makeup, cook dinner, be more, be better, be what you will never be. My mind says you’re lesser, my soul says, “Don’t Listen.”

My soul says, “You’re healthy.”

My soul says, “You’re perfect.”

My soul says, “You’re strong.”

My soul says, “You’re a daughter, a wife, and a mama and you are enough.”

The sweatpants don’t matter after all. Xo

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