Sun, Sand & Salty Sea

Sun, Sand & Salty Sea


I shall remember the summer of sun, sand and salty sea. It was a summer filled with space for thinking and breathing. A summer, unlike any other, that offered a respite from worry and fear, a gift in a sea of jelly fish. Though life is always more lovely in hindsight, I grasped the precious moments to embrace the brevity of freedom I knew would later sweep my soul.

Fall always comes too soon and the days that were spent lazily inhaling salt air, entangled in sand, bobbing in the salty sea, suddenly came to a close. I hoped to battle the self that has always been left gasping for the long moments of days where we simply were. It must be enough to be and I wrapped myself in the knowledge of the freedom that would be fleeting.

To recall myself, enraptured in a day, shall be a gift. A day where the ocean is calm though the waves loom large. To surmount the shore break requires bravery and moments of holding ones breath and diving below the surface as the water churns above. Rise to the surface and capture a sea of tranquility. Float and love the place that is closest to representing the life we live and cajole the sea spirit. The sea can surely be our dearest friend or greatest foe, yet I shall take my chances.

I will remember the summer of sun, sand, and salty sea and smile. Remembering the inhaling and exhaling the salt air that whipped by us, though not unaware. Beautiful thankfulness comes from the knowing, the grace of acknowledgment, the gift of time and space granted in the summer of sun, sand, and salty sea.

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