Sons of Mine

Sons of Mine


Would you believe me if I told you that these sons of mine have made my life complete?

There are two more, of course, the sister that comes between and the oldest brother.

The sun shone bright after days of endless clouds spilling rain.

Not quite June and it was summer hot, a wallow in a wave pool kind of day and so, we did.

The whole lot of us.

We swam and jumped and dunked and ebbed and flowed and submerged our weary selves in a day of simplicity.

The banter was simple.

The joy was easy.

It’s funny how it takes reflection to realize that beauty is in those very moments.

I am thankful for the imagery that soaked up fear and chased away worry and kindled the fire of a happy mama heart.

The loveliness of them enveloped me and I may never be quite the same.

Oh, these sons of mine.

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