Should You Go See "The Shack"?

Should You Go See "The Shack"?

If you ask yourself any of these questions or wonder any of these thoughts, then I would encourage you to go and quite soon.

1. What if it’s too hard to watch?
It’s not. It’s really not. In fact, I’m going to go back and take my eleven and nine year old sons. There is eluding to harm of a girl, but nothing in detail. Life hurts us all in some way, I was left thinking.

2. God doesn’t care about me, He’s got more important things to worry about.
He’s especially quite fond of you.

3. Why does God let bad things happen?
Ahhhh, has one person escaped this musing?

4. Why did God leave me?
Deep, isn’t it? Did He leave you? Did He leave my dying brother? No, He never left me or him.

5. I don’t like God’s plan.
Are you sure? Think of the joy in your life you didn’t plan.

6. If God loved me, He wouldn’t have let that happen.
He could have stopped it if He wanted to, we say, even if only a silent conversation between our meager heart and woeful soul.

7. God’s punishing me.
Vengeance is so very far from forgiveness.

8. Some people shouldn’t be forgiven.
Who is to blame for real evil? Who does forgiveness most benefit?

9. The religious part of my life is over.
God’s waiting, waiting for you to come back and talk to Him. He misses you so very much.

10. If God knows everything, then what’s the point?
I know most everything about my own children, but I want to understand how they see the world. He longs for that same kind of relationship cemented in interest, trust, and love.

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