Blair's Thoughts

Blair's Thoughts

She shares so much these days.

Just two since school’s been out and already, I’ve learned an awful lot.

She’s squished between two older siblings and one younger.

All boys and she, my daughter, is the Lone Ranger of all things lovely.

Not in the most traditional of ways, but she thinks these big thoughts.

This brother arrived four years behind her and she has been the most enchanting of big sisters.

She works with him.

Every day, she works with him.

Mommy, you have to teach to him to swim.

Blair, I don’t know how.

But I’ll try, for her, I’ll try.

I wonder what he’ll be like in a normal class, she said today.

He can write his name, she said, her voice full of hope as I watched her imagining him amongst his peers, gripping a pencil.

He needs to learn to swim because everyone else can swim by kindergarten.

I can’t believe he will get to go to kindergarten.

Can you, Mom?

We have a lot to do this year, her voice earnest.

I listened and learned and swallowed tears of joy as my heart melted with the love of a sister.

I was that sister so very long ago and there is nothing as true than the bond between siblings.

I wonder if he knows how much she adores him?

I think so.

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