Sex Education in Goldsboro, NC

Sex Education in Goldsboro, NC


I’m not one of those to shy away from tough conversations. I like honesty and transparency and, as the mom of four, we have a lot of conversations in our house, whether about loving a boy with autism or sex.

“Making Proud Choices!” is the sex education curriculum that has been chosen by Wayne County Schools. I like their mission statement, truthfully. After all, I want my children to make good choices.

The goal of “Making Proud Choices!” is to implement an eight hour curriculum so as to empower young adolescents (ages 11-13) to change their behavior in ways that will reduce their risk of infection with HIV and other STDs, as well as pregnancy.

Yesterday, I walked in the woods with my eleven year old son and watched as he made weapons out of sticks. He played soccer, had French toast for dinner and requested a family movie. While I want him to feel free to ask me questions and to make good choices on so many levels, including sex, I am dumbfounded with not so much the curriculum’s premise, but discussing fantasy role play, which is developmentally inappropriate for the brain of an eleven year old child. And yes, I have a degree in Child Development and a PhD in Educational Research.

There are several objectives. The first “Goals and Dream Beliefs,” states, “the belief that unprotected sex can interfere with one’s goals and dreams for education and a career.”

The fourth objective, “Hedonistic Beliefs” states, “the belief that condom use interferes with sexual pleasure. For example, many people believe that condoms reduce physical sensations during sexual activity or ruin the mood. Therefore, they are less likely to use condoms during sexual intercourse. Youth learn that sex is still fun and pleasurable when a condom is used and are taught how to incorporate this belief into role-play scenarios.”

Excuse my language, but are you f-ing kidding me? Sex education is absolutely necessary, but where the line is drawn is imperative.

The curriculum states: 1. Think up a sexual fantasy about using condoms. 2. Act sexy while putting on the condom.

3. Have a sense of humor and MAKE JOKES.

Teach my eleven year old how to use a condom that is not designed in size to be used by a child AND role-play fantasies with classmates?

Stand up, North Carolina.

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