Seven Years Old

Seven Years Old

The daughter that I never longed for, reminds me that God knows better than I do.

The daughter that adores her father, reminds me of the live for my own daddy.

The daughter that shakes off my advice, reminds me of the woman she will grow into some day.

The daughter with the effervescent green eyes, reminds me of why I first fell in love with my husband.

The daughter that moves like a shadow, a light in the dark, reminds me to go after life with my arms outstretched.

The daughter that longs to cuddle in my lap, reminds me to give her more of my time, to be the mother that didn’t move away.

The daughter that braves the waves and struggles to keep her dark head over the salt water, reminds me to step into the great unknown.

The daughter that kisses the blond head of her youngest brother, reminds me that love is pure and demands nothing in return.

The daughter whose adoration of myself is frightening, reminds me to offer my whole heart even if it may get broken.

Seven years old and today I will tell you happy birthday and that you have been the one that draws me nearer to choosing joy.

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