September vs. May

September vs. May


1. Plans to accomplish a mountain of tasks vs. hyper-focusing on the release of my scamps.

2. Adherence to a strict schedule vs. binge watching Downton Abbey.

3. Grocery shopping vs. marveling at the non-perishables available at Roses.

4. Meal planning and cooking vs. takeout rotation between MacDonalds and Shun Xing.

5. The world is my oyster vs. I wish I had a fry daddy to cook up some oysters.

6. A nice break from alcohol vs. rum punch sounds perfectly respectable for breakfast.

7. Workout sessions with a trainer vs. relief that the throw up bug keeps me from sweating.

8. Lunch boxes dotted with fresh fruit vs. lunch boxes stuffed with leftover MacDonalds.

9. Happy go lucky with my newfound freedom vs. panic induced lazy stupor with the knowledge of four days left.

10. Counting down the days until summer vs. the horrific realization that it’s actually June 4th.

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