Saturday's Food Diary (AKA Crap I Ate Yesterday)

Saturday's Food Diary (AKA Crap I Ate Yesterday)


There may be some cause and effect to my body size dilemma. However, the truth shall set you free and so, here you go. Do people really write this stuff down?

– 1 piece of white toast with two plastic containers of smushy butter – I omelet with spinach, tomato, cheddar cheese and sausage – A handful of home fries – 1/2 piece of toast shoved in my mouth leaving restaurant (in case of famine) – Amos’ discarded banana – Amos’ discarded bagel previously discarded by older son – One half pack pretzels (kindly went without for my hungry son) – One bite cinnamon stick (gross) – 3 discarded yogurt raisins (no access to trash can) – One coke – Oh crap, three cups of coffee with cream and 3 TBSP sugar (per cup) Hmmmm. – One shrimp burger, no slaw – Large dose of ketchup, hot sauce and cocktail sauce (Whole 30 taught me about sugar) – One order of potato wedges – 1 chicken tender discarded by daughter because had ketchup on it – Three cups sweet tea (maybe 4) – I pbj crust – 2 spoon licks of Trix yogurt – 1/2 chicken tender and two cold home fries – 3 cold fried shrimp – A pickle – Handful of fruit loops – 1/2 bottle of water

– 100mg sertraline (dessert)

The End
(Comments laden with advice or positivity shall be deleted.)

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