Recipe for Troll Slaying

Recipe for Troll Slaying


1. Don’t be rash.

One must not get their panties in a wad over hurtful comments. Seriously, this is a time to grow in adversity and firm up your backbone.

2. Say nothing.
This is the best method, but if you’re like me, you can’t stand to be quiet so scratch that one.

3. Remember to say thank you.
I like to offer my appreciation and a query regarding their passionate interest in my topic.

4. Kill ’em with kindness.
Be specific, like, you’re expertise must be shared with the world.

5. Get personal when necessary.
This requires a bit of research that may feel beneath you and if so, proceed back to number one. If not, do a Facebook investigation and ask innocent questions.

6. Use humor.
Ahhhh, humor usually gets you in this mess, so let it get you out. For instance, ask lots of questions.

7. Don’t hide.
Because I am unable to refrain from engaging, I take the time to put a real person out there as social is too much like a newspaper these days and the conversation ability should not be wasted.

8. Never ever be mean.
This means you have waged war and lost. Winning is key, you must remember to remain as cool as a cucumber at all times.

9. Use commentary to your advantage.
I have found that my readers adore comments loaded with quick wit rather than hurt feelings; it builds rapport with those who like you for you.

10. Bless hearts.
When you have run the gamut on proper comments, bless the person’s heart. It’s always appropriate, kind, and offers closure.

Stay safe.

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