Proud Brother

Proud Brother


Whoever said pride comes before a fall, didn’t watch my oldest carry my youngest off his very first school bus ride. I’d like to say it was just for fun, but it wasn’t, even though it actually was. Amos is officially the youngest student at White Oak Elementary and to see those smiles melted my fears.

I wasn’t fearful over Amos riding the bus or staying seated as the bus has a five point harness just for wriggly little people like him. He is our special needs three year old though, so for us, it has been a big deal. This going to school and that all normally goes with it is vastly different this time and I long for familiarity.

Normalcy. That gap continues to widen between our families and those around us, as well as Amos and his peers. It is nice to have something just typical and for us, it is having our three year old ride the same big old yellow school bus with his brothers and sister. To walk home and listen to them bicker about whose turn it would be to sit by him next time, made me happy and content. Amos was Amos and he was loved, that I was sure of, and perhaps by a big brother even more than myself.

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