Our Schools Need You

Our Schools Need You


You don’t have that much time to give? That’s okay, you go and give just one hug and I’ll dare you to try to stay away.

You’re not that into children? That’s okay, you can make copies or help serve lunch to our teachers who receive little recognition.

You’re not an educator? That’s okay, you can make little people happy with a warm smile.

You’re not a good reader? That’s okay, you can blow bubbles and play basketball.

You’re not very social? That’s okay, you can sign up to be a buddy and play board games in the library.

You’re only available at lunchtime? That’s okay, you can eat lunch with a classroom each week and be charmed by gap toothed smiles.

You’re retired? That’s okay, you don’t have to work, just offer your heart to some needy little people.

You’re too busy? That’s okay, you could give a class the time you spend on Facebook and see how busy you really are.

You’re working? That’s okay, you can reach out to your PTA and volunteer to donate items for fundraisers or help at night programs.

You’re time in schools was when your kids were little? That’s okay, you are always welcome.

You’re overwhelmed with your own commitments? That’s okay, smelling twenty pairs of stinky feet and watching a movie surrounded by children will remind you to rethink your priorities.

You’re not into volunteering? That’s okay, you can avoid the next generation and wonder what went wrong.

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