North Carolina Weather Update

North Carolina Weather Update


North Carolina Weather Update

Here we go.

Bad news, again.

Yep, school is cancelled for tomorrow. I repeat, if you live in NC, make a stiff drink, forget about bedtime, and don’t bother with signing those dern folders.

What about school tomorrow? You wonder.

Your kids ain’t goin’.

How do you know? Where did you hear? Is this definite?

Yes. Yes. Yes.

Though I am not a school official (unless you count ex-PTA President), I am an amateur scientific snow-clownologist. I mean, consider this equation:

It will be in the twenties tonight.

Snowing hard currently.

One to three inches expected in my neck of the woods.

Number of plows?

One. One plow.

Sum of parts equals NO FRICKING MELTING.

I salute you.

The ones who are sick of snow.

The ones who have to work.

The ones who remember a time when they longed for a bit of snow.

And lastly, the ones whose children have been to school FOUR days in the last month.

Four days. There is a reason that I don’t homeschool- I don’t like my children enough.

P.S. You will not receive a call until tomorrow morning. Why, you wonder? I’ll tell you why- they don’t want people getting hammered who are supposed to be parenting and if you go ahead and risk it, they want you to get your a double s out of bed at 6:02am.


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