No Words

No Words

I’m angry this morning, but most of all, sad.

It shouldn’t matter WHO is raped or WHERE they live or WHAT they do, but in Lumberton, it does.

According to FBI crime data from 2016, residents there have a 1 in 55 chance of being raped, assaulted or killed.

Terrible things happen on this earth every single day, but none are worse than the events that could have easily been prevented.

A thirteen year old NC girl was abducted, raped and murdered and it was totally preventable.

In 2016, Michael McLellan crept into a mobile home park, removed an air-conditioner, crawled through the window, and raped a woman at knifepoint.

In 2017, the state found a match to the DNA from the rape kit and where was McLellan? He was back in prison again, where he would have remained IF…

District Attorney Johnson Britt has followed up with the Robeson County Sheriff’s Office after sending the DNA match….

The sheriff’s office had gotten off their asses after being notified by CODIS (a federal DNA matching system) that McLellan was their man…

Sheriff Kenneth Sealey, who retired this fall after 60 years in Robeson County law enforcement, has said nothing.

District Attorney Johnson Britt said he is sorry that the sheriff’s office dropped the ball, but also congratulated law enforcement for the job done leading to the arrest.

What if the person raped had been the Sheriff’s wife or the Mayor or maybe, an elementary school principal?

What if they lived in the Governor’s mansion or maybe inside the belt line in Raleigh?

What if they were an anesthesiologist, a school superintendent, or a CEO?

McLellan would still be in jail and Hania would be counting down the days until Christmas.

There are no words.

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