No Ulterior Motives

No Ulterior Motives

In response to those criticizing me for ulterior motives like fame, fortune and seeking to be the next Berkeley County Superintendent.

This has never been my story.

When Amber Pack shared the recording of children being terribly abused, the story should have ended. Instead, nothing happened. Three teachers were left in the classroom to further abuse nonverbal children just like my Amos. The system that is in place to protect them, swept it under the rug. If she had not bravely shared the recording on social , nothing would have happened. The day after she did so, the teachers were placed on leave by Berkeley County School officials. Not when Amber Boeckman, the police, Karen Petrucci, and Manny Arvon heard the recording.

I am a special needs mom who stated writing three years ago when I realized my son’s path was not going to resemble that of my older three children. Yes, I have been successful, but not because of stories like this. Please look at where I’ve been published and my stories shared by national outlets- none of them are dismal because that’s not what people want to read.

For the record, I make absolutely no money off sharing this story. Every video and post has been posted publicly and if you peruse my website, you’ll see that I have no ads and nor have I ever had ads. My supporter program on Fb is separate from my blog. It’s a $5 per month daily video service and a back stage look into what I do, not a place to gather information. It’s not easy to be constantly attacked, but change is happening and I think people need to feel like someone is listening.

My hope has always been to give the folks of Berkeley County, a platform. Current and past administrators, teachers, parents and students have stories. Hundreds of messages and I hope to give them a voice.


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