My Christmas Wish

My Christmas Wish

Dear Santa,

Do you remember me? My mom said I liked you from the very start. I was just a baby when we met, only a month old and I slept while you held me.

What did I wish for, Santa?

I had a warm bed and a mother to feed me, a friendly dog, a funny cat, two big brothers and one older sister, lots of grandparents to dote on me and plenty of friends. Is there anything more I could have needed?

Not really, maybe some new trains and I’d love a big ball pit, but I don’t think it will fit in your sleigh. There is one other thing, though I’m not sure if it’s in the realm of Santa possibility.

It’s for the kids like me.

I do my best, but I’m a square in a world that is so very round. As I get bigger, the world becomes more of an inflexible puzzle and I am the piece that doesn’t seem to fit. It’s not so easy to wedge yourself in a space that is uncomfortable, but my mom says it is up to us to teach the world.

Santa, can you help change the puzzle? The puzzle of the world, maybe make it a bit more lenient for boys and girls like me, the ones with extra special needs.

My mom says she knows what to do to fix it, but she’s not sure how to make it happen. Be kind, she says. If everyone responds to little kids with kindness, then no one gets hurt or feels left out or lesser than. Just, be kind. It really does sound easy, but I guess it’s not.

Thank you, Santa.


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