My Birthday Boy

My Birthday Boy


Eleven years ago, two long days of labor just one day shy of five weeks early, produced a 5 pound one ounce son named Thomas.

Eleven years ago, I became a mother, the wish I had hardly dared hope would come true after thirty years of longing.

Eleven years ago, there was no trial period, no expert assistance, just me, him and the new father, more confounded than myself.

Eleven years ago, we went from being parents to one dog and two cats to a quite small and very real person.

Eleven years ago, I thought to myself as we left the hospital, they’re just going to let us take him home?

Eleven years ago, we ended up back in the hospital with our newborn son and I had my first taste of being mama bear.

Eleven years ago, I was profoundly struck with the bewilderment of falling in love in the blink of an eye.

Eleven years ago, the eclipse of priorities began its’ descent from mind to heart.

Eleven years ago, I met a baby boy and thought to myself, I’ve been gifted a glimpse of God Himself.

Happy eleven, my precious boy.

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