Motherhood Aspirations for 2017

Motherhood Aspirations for 2017

I am really going to try to do better. Seriously.

1. Put laundry away.
While I have many problems with the laundry and admittedly, a kind soul that helps with the laundry, the putting it away is a real problem for me.

2. Cook dinner.
I have created children with terrible eating habits and perhaps cooking items not from bags in the freezer filled with animal shaped items will help undo the mayhem I created.

3. Ignore my children less.
I am setting the goal at an hour maximum during the week and two hours on the weekends.

4. Be asleep by 10pm.
I am tired of being tired and saying I’m tired and acting tired. Truthfully, I should be asleep by 9 but have to start somewhere.

5. Adhere to a schedule. I tend to be a little tiny bit addicted to my newfound love of writing and so, I am going to try to practice moderation and be more deliberate with my time. Who am

I kidding?

6. Call my dad every week.
It is always better when you talk to someone and I do love him even though he asked me this morning why I didn’t exercise anymore. Damn it, he’s right. Hence the moderation.

7. Wear real clothes all day.
I have gotten into this bad habit of putting on my pajamas the minute I arrive home, even if for an hour and then before I know it, I am at the bus stop and the playground in my pajamas.

8. Not be so lazy.
If there is one word that describes me and dictates my state of being, it is lazy. It really is and I relish the feeling so much, I can’t bring myself to be at all productive or engaging.

9. Do yoga.
My husband gave me 35 sessions of yoga for Christmas and so, I am going once a week to clear my mind and practice being still and know I will remember why I need to go.

10. Start writing books.
I don’t know why this seems so big and scary in my mind, but I am starting. A children’s book series around life with Amos and a story of a family learning to love the big unknown.

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