It was just lunch. A lunch date with an old friend that went to Salem with me.

It was just lunch. A chance to catch up with the girl from Miami that I went to high school with over twenty years ago.

It was just lunch. I had forgotten we made plans a month ago and when she texted me yesterday, I thought, that will be hard.

It was just lunch. My husband hauled the big three to a trampoline park. My mom agreed to keep a tired Amos and I programmed the television for Disney.

It was just lunch. I took a shower, dried my hair, found some clean white jeans and put on shoes, way more than I accomplished all of Christmas Day.

It was just lunch. We took the golf cart and went to to the Ritz to eat by the ocean, quite a luxury and I was thankful to have the gift card from my stocking.

It was just lunch. I had wine and spilt it fairly soon with my clumsy elbow, but blamed the wind because I’m cheap.

It was just lunch. A chance to ask questions and really listen uninterrupted, though all three of my children called me at least once and Russell’s reason was the best; he called to report that he was sweating.

It was just lunch. An excursion that took planning and working out details for time escaped that I won’t soon forget.

It was just lunch. Take the time. Take a shower. Make a plan. Abandon your life for a couple hours. Remember what it’s like to be an old friend.

Thank you, Kitsy.

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