Letter from Berkeley County Schools

Letter from Berkeley County Schools

Since I have been banned from tagging or commenting on Berkeley County School’s Facebook page, I’ll just leave this mess of nothin’ right here.

February 21, 2019
Parents and concerned citizens,

We appreciate and share our community’s concerns regarding the incident reported in one of our schools. The Berkeley County Board of Education and its administration do not tolerate any action or inaction that may negatively impact the health, welfare or safety of our students.

As community members, parents, and grandparents of children who attend Berkeley County Schools, we understand our community’s need for a timely resolution. However, as trustees we are bound to process and confidentiality during this on-going investigation in order to carry out the most appropriate measures as they relate to any staff misconduct.

As an educational institution, our critical goal is to continue to review and evaluate our administrative policies and procedures in order to ensure evolving guidelines and controls are in place that meet our district’s changing needs.

We value your cooperation in this sensitive matter and thank you for your patience as we continue to work within West Virginia employment laws, policies and procedures during this full investigation.

Kind regards,
Members of the Berkeley County Board of Education

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