I’m going to introduce myself because many of you are new here and I want to explain a bit about where you have landed. On the page of a girl who lives in a small town called Edenton in NC. Yes, it’s been over a year since I picked up a pen after twenty years. Why? Well, the short of it is, I was hiding. Worry and fear had ruled me too long and as I pondered the future, I made a choice. Choose joy, seek light, find good in the teeny little things in life and you shall be happy.

This writing thing has been life changing for me. You see, I lost my big brother to cancer twenty five years ago and found myself an only child. Joy seemed elusive and so, I swallowed grief and pain and heartache and I made do. I really did. I went to Salem Academy, Meredith College, graduate school at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, married a nice guy and received my PhD from NC State on my first child’s first birthday. Life was happy, at least on the surface.

Three more children followed and though life threw us some curveballs, all was well enough. It wasn’t until our fourth child Amos, lagging behind in his development, propelled me to think hard. He wasn’t catching up as I had been promised and my mama heart told me that this wasn’t just nothing to worry about. I tried to swallow the panic, but discovered there was no more room for heartache. I was all filled up and stranded. Maybe I could write again, I thought and then, I did. I have. I am.

I tell the truth about a real life, a messy one with lots of laughs and tears too. I write about the chaos that dictates life with an attorney husband and four kids, the youngest diagnosed with autism this past month. I write something every day and you never know where the pendulum may swing. I detail why my husband did not become a nurse, the state of my car, missing my brother, juggling the needs of four children and acknowledging my feelings surrounding Amos, the boy who has stolen my heart.

I hope you’ll be happy here and I’m so thankful for your traveling along. Like my page if you already haven’t, share it if you feel compelled, and please comment and reach out any time. 2764-6944677


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