I'm the Mom

I'm the Mom

I’m the mom that pulls artwork out of the trash can when her daughter begins frantically looking for the confiscated drawing.

I’m the mom that sneakily pours leftover milk from a half full cup into a sibling’s bowl of cereal.

I’m the mom that unplugs the modem and pretend the internet is down when I just get tired of telling them to quit watching TV.

I’m the mom that flies up the stairs when I hear a car pull in the driveway.

I’m the mom that pretends to watch a movie and feel embarrassed about being downright nervous over having no access to my phone, per my oldest son’s request.

I’m the mom that says no so often these days as I’ve learned there is nothing useful about a yes that is crappy.

I’m the mom that will make time to talk to you though it means her family eats takeout one more night.

I’m the mom that has learned to apologize even when I’m not wrong, just to keep the peace.

I’m the mom that is juggling small children, big children, parents and a husband, none particularly well.

I’m the mom that loves to curse as somehow bad language makes me feel immensely happy and wicked.

I’m the mom that can’t figure out Christmas and genuinely wants her children to remember more than presents, but she struggles with another option.

I’m the mom that you can count on for kind honesty if there is such a thing.

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