I'll Remember

I'll Remember

I’ll remember for the country that has allowed me the freedom to speak my mind, divulge my soul, and share my heart.

I’ll remember for the men and women who placed others’ lives before their own, under the guise of doing a job.

I’ll remember for the way that time stood still and the endless silent minutes crept along and sorrow flooded into every crevice of our country.

I’ll remember for the city that was bound together in tragedy and showed the rest of us how tears could be brave.

I’ll remember for the friend, the one that went to the dentist that morning, and had not yet arrived to his job at tower one.

I’ll remember for the passengers on a plane that sacrificed themselves to save the rest of us.

I’ll remember for the sounds of fire trucks whirring on television and how I felt there must be no nobler profession.

I’ll remember for the small town Eastern NC eatery, the amazing establishment that was built from the ashes after its’ owners lost their restaurant and so much more in the rubble that day.

I’ll remember for the outsiders, like myself, who cried and cried as we watched those towers fall and our minds couldn’t comprehend a number of the lives lost in an instant.

I’ll remember for the flag that flew and reminded me what a gift it is to have been born as an American and to relish my birthright.

I’ll remember for the children, the thousands of children whose lives changed that day and remind us once again to always take the opportunity to say, “I love you.”

I’ll remember for my own four little people, the story of the heroes that day will be the tales that I hope inspire them, make them thankful, and encourage them to embrace their own gift of freedom.

I’ll remember so that I won’t forget to be thankful and choose joy, every single day.

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