He Finally Hugged Me

He Finally Hugged Me


He did. He hugged her. In a moment of reprise perhaps, but it was a hug, an exertion of physical touch from the tow headed boy to his older sister. It is she who longs to hold the key to his heart, though he has been reluctant to gift it to the sister that is far too needy in her affection.

On this day, they ran on the green in front of the old courthouse and he chased and captured her, again and again. He ran fast for him and she would fall and await his embrace. Perhaps more like a tackle, but it was enough to count and she crowed in delight.

He hugged me! He’s hugging me! Mommy, he hugs me! He finally hugged me.

I knew he would, I knew he would, I knew he would, she said, and in those moments, her joy was complete.

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