Happy Birthday Daddy

Happy Birthday Daddy


Adrian Thorpe Harrold

A moment ago a baby but now much stronger

How I wish it could have taken longer

A toddler with a blankie and then new math

Childhood lights your own path

Don’t forget those who loves you and were left behind

No matter what, you’ll always shine

At any early age you knew strife

Let them be a milestone for your life

Now, don’t look back but forward to the sky

Lift your head and countenance high

The future is bright and clear

Your heritage is strong, have no fear

Be special and live each day

As you know, that’s His way

Oh, how you’ve grown!

Love, Dad

December 25, 1990

Thank you for your guidance and wisdom and love of writing.

Happy birthday, Daddy.

Love, Adrian

May 11, 2018

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