Good Boy

Good Boy


Those who give their hearts to dogs are never surprised by the love they demonstrate to us, the inferior humans. Those who are not dog people perhaps wonder and think to themselves, “it’s just a dog.” Is there any such thing?

The town of Wilmington and people all over the great state of NC are saying a powerful, “No. No. No.” Bane is an unpaid employee in New Hanover and his only job is to seek and find what his human tells him. A couple days ago, Bane was given a piece of clothing and told to find her.

Her was a six year old girl, kidnapped from her yard and Bane? Well, Bane is the dog that set off on a trail that led to a tree and a little girl who had been secured there by a predator. A man who served sixteen years for hurting another six year old girl. Bane the canine came to the rescue and though he works for no pay, we owe to him the official abandonment of the ignorant slogan, “just a dog.”

Now the man who did the chaining? The man who stole, hurt, and left a first grader chained to a tree? What is he? What should be his punishment? What can we all learn from this lesson about good guys and bad guys, little girls and rescue dogs? I wish I could ask Bane. Thank you, Bane.

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