There is nothing quite like feeling alone in the world and having friends come to your rescue. I have a handful that I get to see in real life, their families a tangible reminder of joy. There are even more who I have yet to meet, the many folks who I’ve been blessed to know through the world of social . Having a tribe of families to count on, especially families with children who have their own extra special needs, has been my saving grace. To say thank you is to remind myself to seek joy.

You see, I get to watch and read about other families doing so and they’re offering me a glimpse into life now and life five or ten or twenty years down the road. Not the same journey certainly, but the details are irrelevant. All I see and take note of are the faces, smiling faces and families laughing and hugging on trips and at home. Those glimpses tell me the future isn’t bad, quite truthfully, it looks to be bright and cheery.

None of us are without struggle and parenting a little person whose blip remains off the radar can be worrisome and suffocating if you think too much. The many who have sent me messages, offered suggestions, laughed and cried with me, talked on the phone, had one too many glasses of wine, or just have taken the time to write a long message of solidarity for all the world to see, thank you. Your kindness illustrates that the most valuable things in life can’t be wrapped neatly in a box. Thank you.

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