Feeding the Hungry

Feeding the Hungry

It’s December and I’ve done little to get ready for Christmas We did get our tree up and threw out some nutcrackers, but not much else. No set plans. No Christmas cards ordered. No gifts purchased. Christmas is right around the corner and I just can’t seem to get it all together. We don’t need anything, but it’s hard to convince children of that. I struggle with how to not let material crap take hold of what is a lovely season.

Today, we gathered at St Paul’s Episcopal with members and friends, and we packed 13,000 meals for Rise Against Hunger.

Folks were casually dressed and laughed at one another in their hairnets. Children acted as runners and vied to bang the gong- a ritual each time five boxes were filled and loaded on the truck. Though I don’t remember the words of the prayer that was said before we began, I do remember how the little girl bowed her head and quietly listened. She and her friends worked unusually hard, nary a complaint. I saw their minds ponder as they peered in the large plastic buckets filled with grains and rice. The ingredients of 13,000 meals and they knew that the food would be a welcome gift. Somehow, I think that’s exactly what getting ready for Christmas is all about. Feeding the hungry. Fellowship with your friends. Power in numbers. Being thankful. Being together. Being in the moment. “Mom, that was so fun,” that daughter of mine said.

Giving rather than receiving is like that, I think.

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