Do You Remember Me?

Do You Remember Me?


I’m the boy you watched so carefully in the airport. I didn’t notice, but my mother did even though she pretended not to. She made sure I was dressed nicely and had eaten a good breakfast. She let me run around in the airport because exercise helps me sit somewhat still in the plane. You watched me, not even from the corner of your eye, and disapproval rained down on my boisterous self. That wasn’t nice, though I bet you didn’t mean to act like that. I’m not perfect and my mom says she’s not either.

She’s a good mom though and I have three older siblings, two were flying around on their scooters and my brother Thomas was dribbling his soccer ball. We sort of resemble a traveling circus, but we are having fun. Do you like to have fun? The days are so much brighter when you find things to laugh about, at least that’s mom’s philosophy.

Did you guess that I have autism? I bet not, we just found out too. Sometimes I l look like a naughty two year old, but I’m three and a half now. I still wear diapers though. It’s not that my mom’s lazy, it’s just that I have lots more to work on than pee peeing in the potty. It scares me to death too, that loud flushing is so frightening.

Next time you see me, say hi. Tell my mom how cute I am and that will stop her from worrying if I am too crazy. I’m just spirited and the bigger I get, the more people seem to notice me and judge a wee bit too much. There are lots of boys and girls like me, shooting stars, my mom says. We all have our own set of extra special needs, so keep an eye out and be sure to smile. I may even blow you a kiss. Mwah.

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