Dear Berkeley County Schools,

Dear Berkeley County Schools,

Are you surprised to hear from me? Though I’ve been banned for days on Facebook and Instagram, today you blocked me on Twitter. My account is @PHDdebutante. I’m guessing you know that, but just in case any one wants to follow me.

Anyway. I thought it would be prudent for me to share with you that a federal judge ruled in May of 2018 that it is unconstitutional for a public forum operated by government (Berkeley County Schools) to block critics.

Even Donald Trump is not allowed. Nope, Judge Naomi Reice Buchwald found that public entities do not have the same privacy rights as individuals and so, while ordinary Twitter users can block those they are displeased with, a school system can not.

While not a West Virginian, I am a North Carolinian and ALL Americans have the right to communicate with elected leaders and government entities online, even if deemed an annoying interloper or, in my case, a special need mama advocate.

Your Twitter account @BerkCoSchoolsWV is not unlike a school board meeting. An interactive space under government control and subject to the laws concerning public forums.

Lastly, for anyone who has credible evidence that the Berkeley County School System has done any other type of wrongdoing, including but not limited to Manny Arvon, please contact the Attorney General’s Senior Deputy, Bob Leslie, 304-558-0546. He is delightful, I must say.

Adrian H. Wood, PhD

P.S. Send me a tweet when you unblock me.

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