How to Connect with Adrian.

Please note in relation to the hacking/hijacking/scamming incident: YOU, the followers and subscribers, are not at risk. Your bank account, credit card, and Facebook account are not at risk as long as you do not interact or click on any links posted on the big page (Tales of an Educated Debutante), in the Trollers group, or from Adrian Harrold Wood. Again, we will update here when it is safe to interact with those pages again.



      • Please sign up for Adrian’s email list by entering your email address at the bottom of this web page. During the scammer hijacking incident, we’ve realized how helpful it is to be able to communicate securely via email.


  • Tales of an Educated Debutante - ON HOLD

    • Where Adrian shares written posts, photos, and live videos (if you miss them live, recordings are available afterwards)
    • Open to anyone who wants to follow and always free
    • AKA the “big page”
    • Currently hijacked by scammers. Please do not engage with this page in any way until this issue is resolved. Please don’t unfollow yet as Adrian is working with Facebook to regain access to this account, but please do not like, comment, click on, open any direct messages from this page, or share any posts until the issue is resolved. We will post updates here.
  • Facebook Subscriber Hub - ON HOLD

    • For $5 a month you can become a subscriber and get access to almost daily videos on a more personal level.
    • Included with your $5 is also access to the private Facebook group Tales of an Educated Debutante Trollers. It is a place for subscribers to interact with each other.
    • This subscriber hub and Trollers group is tied to the Tales of an Educated Debutante page and is therefore also unavailable at the moment due to the scammers. For the time being, please avoid interacting in the Trollers group but please do not cancel your subscription as Adrian is working with Facebook to regain access to this account. We will update here as soon as possible
    • A secondary Facebook page that Adrian created during the scammer hijacking incident
    • If the hijacking incident is resolved, she will go back to posting on Tales of an Educated Debutante and this will become a dormant backup page.
    • If the hijacking incident is not resolved and Adrian does not regain access to Tales of an Educated Debutante, this will become the new “big page” and she will set up a permanent $5 subscriber option to go with it.
    • A private Facebook group that Adrian is temporarily using to deliver videos to subscribers. If you were an active subscriber paying $5/month on the big page then you can request access to this group.
    • This group was previously called Tales Invasion Weekend.


  • This is another platform to view the same written posts Adrian shares on Facebook plus the occasional fun Reel (a Reel is what Instagram calls short video clips often set to music).
  • Not affected by the hijacking incident.


  • This is another platform to view the same videos that were originally recorded live and available for free to everyone on the “big page” (Tales of an Educated Debutante)
  • Videos are titled by date to make it easy to search the library of historical videos
  • “Subscribing” on YouTube is just YouTube’s word for “follow”. Being a subscriber on YouTube will not give you access to the daily videos that the $5/month Facebook subscribers have access to.
  • Not affected by the hijacking incident.

Amazon Store

  • is a place for Adrian to share links to her favorite Amazon products.
  • Adrian earns a small percentage of affiliate income if you purchase from the link (at no additional cost to you).
  • Not affected by the hijacking incident.


Note that Adrian is NOT active on TikTok, LinkedIn, or X (formerly Twitter).


Thank you so much for your patience and understanding through all this. This page hijack and scam is not a fun experience but we will learn from it and carry on! Talk soon. Xo.