Child #1 vs. Child #4

Child #1 vs. Child #4

Remember her? The mother that used to be you? After four children, you have emerged from the cocoon but not quite as a beautiful butterfly. Perhaps more like a cat that was trapped in a washing machine.

1. Beautiful nursery vs. portacrib in the bathroom

2. Never cry vs. cry it out

3. Strict schedule vs. wondering if we missed naptime

4. Only breast milk vs. travel powdered formula packets

5. No spanking vs. empty threats

6. Nightly baths vs. Saturday bathing managed by babysitter

7. Bedtime at 7pm vs. locked out of the house until 7pm

8. Absolutely no television vs. three hours and counting

9. Only drink water vs. hello sweet tea

10. First food of mashed up avocado vs. powdered donut

Bonus: Slightly annoying mother vs. your new best friend

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